Safari Club International sends out a hunter alert in California. "The banning of predator hunting competitions has been characterized by anti-hunting advocates to be the next major step after the enactment of SB 1221 that bans the use of dogs to hunt bears and bobcats. Their stated goal is to eventually stop all hunting and other forms of taking wildlife." The goal of the ban's supporters is to stop all such competitions statewide! No doubt, fishing derbies would be next... "

Oh, the hysteria. This is straight out of the SCI- NRA playbook... Every time a group tries to protect an animal from human persecution... It is an attack against all forms of hunting... A ban on ALL hunting is next.

Last week Safari Club president Greg Kaufman sends out another alert... Join us on May 8th for a lobby Congress day... Keynote speaker will be Deputy Director of Policy for the USFWS Steve Guertin... "SCI is also looking at every legal and legislative venue to force the service to rescind its decision to ban sport-hunted elephant imports from Zimbabwe and Tanzania. "International hunters are the first line of defense for conservation, management, and anti-poaching throughout Africa."

The Humane Society of the US sums up Safari Club International very well. "It's a perverse and destructive subculture. Thousands of animals suffer and die for the amusement of wealthy elites who have the means to pursue any form of recreation, but choose to shoot the world's rarest and most beautiful animals. There's no societal value to the exercise, just a selfish all consuming mentality of killing, collecting, and showing off trophies. They know the price of every animal, but the value of none..." http://www.rense.com/general45/view.htm

Safari Club International talks a lot about conservation... In 1997, former SCI president Ken Behring shot two Kara Tau Argali sheep when there were around 100 left on the planet. He bribed GOV officials in Kazakhstan in order to shoot the two animals... He then sent the trophies to a Canadian taxidermist... Behring made a 100 million dollar donation to the Smithsonian to build the Behring Hall of Mammals... He asked the Smithsonian to request an import permit for the two argali trophies- after all- a museum was the only other way to get the trophies into the US legally. They withdrew the request when George Miller from California questioned the permit- and a storm of negative publicity followed. Incidents like this have always fueled the clubs negative image. To counter the negative image SCI has food donated to food banks, hunting for the disabled, and hunting for disadvantaged youth.

Matthew Scully wrote a highly acclaimed book called "Dominion." It is a very depressing read about the hunting culture. Scully- "They practice a socially conscious sadism here. Ethics at Safari Club is ordered libertinism, like teaching cannibals to use a napkin and not take the last portion."

Americans have shown over the years that they are largely ambivalent to shooting animals for food. Polls also show that there is strong opposition to killing exotic animals for sport, fun, and bragging rights... The Melissa Bachmann canned lion images... .The NRA lobbyist and consultant Tony Makris having his hunting show cancelled after shooting an elephant in the face and then drinking champagne and laughing about it afterwards... Despite the public backlash- Safari Club continues to claim that killing is conservation. In every instance- the claim from Safari Club that hunting dollars go back into the local communities cannot be verified... In fact- as we have seen from Zimbabwe just in the last few months... The USFWS suspended trophy imports from Zimbabwe and Tanzania after the service said that regulations and protections were lacking in those countries... This is SCI's MO. They target corrupt and unstable Governments like Zimbabwe- where high ranking GOV and military personnel are involved...

The presidential elephant herd is in grave danger... "Meanwhile, a leading, international conservation group has warned in a new report that land grabs in Zimbabwe were a direct threat to elephant populations in Africa." "They will all be shot and that will be the end of the presidential herd." Conservation? I don't think so. So, how does Safari Club gain their influence? It starts with Congress.

The Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus has around 300 members. Around half of Congress. 70% Republican, 30% Democrat. The Sportsmens Foundation is made up of business people, CEO's, all hunters. Funded by Safari Club International.